Based on my work on day-ahead dispatch of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), I was invited by Energy System Innovation Center (ESIC), School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) of Washington State University (WSU), Washington, USA. This curtsy appointment as a visiting scholar was for conducting research at ESIC on an actual flow battery (1 MW, 3.2 Mwh) commissioned by Avista Corporation in collaboration with Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories and EECS, WSU.  IIT Gandhinagar fully sponsored this visit under the ‘Overseas Research Experience’ scheme for 6 months duration.

My work on day-ahead dispatch of BESS in distribution networks was presented at the IEEE PES General Meeting 2015 in Denver, CO, USA from July 26-30, 2015. Modeling and analysis techniques used in this work are quite useful for the project on flow battery at ESIC, WSU. Abstract of this work shall soon be uploaded with other details under ‘Research’ section of this web-site. The full research article is now available on IEEE Xplore.

My six months visit ended in January 2016.

Visiting Scholar @ WSU, USA