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Analysis and Optimization of Distribution Networks with Photovoltaic Generation and Battery Energy Storage System

Optimization with BESS & PVDG


Optimization approach nt networks and extreme value analysis cannotsolely based on single line equivale effectively represent the nuances of unbalanced operation of distribution networks and stochastic nature of distributed generation.

A holistic multi-period optimization approach is proposed in third part of my work to improve daily operations of active distribution networks with BESS.

Time-Series Analysis


Based on the seasonal analysis of IITGN-VGEC network and IEEE test feeders, it was realized that the extreme value analysis is not adequate for distribution networks with distributed generation. It was soon confirmed by some interesting reports by Sandia National Laboratory, USA. Second part of my work includes exhaustive annual analysis of 4 feeders and their variants.

Network and PV Array Modeling


The first part of my doctoral research is mostly about modeling of an actual operating network. It was IITGN-VGEC network with 3 roof-top PV plants. PV array modeling is done based on a research paper published in IEEE transactions by M. G. Villalva et.al. In the year 2009. Network modeling is based on the book - Distribution System Analysis by W. H. Kirsting.

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