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A Case Study of rooftop Solar PV System

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Impact Investigation

The case study focuses on a 120 kWp rooftop SPV plant which is connected to a 3-ph, 440 V local distribution network. The study includes investigation of Photovoltaic (PV) system’s impact on local power distribution network. The exercise is based on a 3-ph, 4-wire Distribution Power Flow (DPF) which uses forward-backward sweep method. For evaluation of voltages and currents in all the conductors along with neutral which runs along the phase conductors all throughout the network, a separate 3-ph, 4-wire DPF with 4x4 impedance matrices has been used with some modifications to suite the requirements of the test case. Results have been obtained and analyzed for the four different seasonal load profiles of the local distribution network. Following five cases have been considered to clearly see the effects of PV generation and capacitive compensation:

Case 1: Base case network response

Case 2: Network with capacitive compensation

Case 3: Network with PV generation

Case 4: Network with capacitive compensation and PV generation

Case 5: Network with unbalance load

Further work has been taken up to include different load models which closely represent the load behavior to changing voltages.