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Collection of random thoughts and audio clips put together!


Thoughts in this two-minute clip are from two books: (1) Dialogue by David Bohm and (2) The Prayer of the Frog by A De Mello. Our perception of reality is something we need to challenge and revisit. We are used to see what we expect to see and our intelligence is always at work to find the comforting confirmations. The more we are open to contrasts, more vivid and wide our perception of reality becomes, and its better not to forget, its just a perception - whether it is painful or pleasing! We invariably come across the ideas of honesty, learning, love and peace when we venture out to seek - dropping our inveterate idea of self importance.

The music piece is part of the song Kaala Bandar (Black Monkey) from the hindi movie - Delhi 6. Much under-appreciated for its lyrics and composition, the song talks about uncovering and recognizing the true self underneath the layers of our personality that we so proudly and painstakingly put up and carry on with. The song has a backdrop of series of events that caught the attention of media and people in New Delhi for a while about mysterious Kaala bandar.