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DeMello Spirituality Centre

DeMello Sprituality

Until his sudden death on June 2, 1987, Fr. Tony de Mello was the director of the Sadhana Institute of Pastoral Counseling near Poona, India. Author of five best selling books, renowned worldwide for his workshops, retreats, and prayer courses, he aimed simply to teach people HOW TO PRAY, how to WAKE UP AND LIVE.

Most people, he maintained, are asleep. They need to wake up, open up their eyes, see what is real, both inside and outside of themselves.

The greatest human gift is to be aware, to be in touch with oneself, one's body, mind, feelings, thoughts, sensations.

Arvind Gupta’s Website

Arvind Gupta Toys

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan


Arvind Gupta - the Toy Maker - as he calls himself, is an extra ordinary person engaged in making Science Education lively and interesting for kids by making great toys from readily available trash stuff.

He has been working over 30 years for the cause and has received many invations and awards for his outstanding work and unique apprach. His website shows instructions with photographs on how to make toys. He also shares many relevant books, videos in some regional languages.

He also has delivered a TED talk which can be reached by the link here.

Founded with the blessings of Mhatma Gandhi, The founding of Bhavan was based on the preservation and propagation of Bharatiya Sanskriti (Indian culture) and Sanskrit, the mother of languages, the akshaya patra - the inexhaustible reservoir. This unpretentious endeavour was backed by Kulapati Munshi's amazing pragmatism. Over the years from being a modest Indological research institution, it has steadily grown into a comprehensive, co-operative, apolitical, national movement with an international outlook. It seeks to inculcate a value-based life. The promotion of ethical and spiritual values in everything that it does..

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