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Invited talks as subject expert, presentations at international conferences and guest lectures for students

Invited Talks


Photovoltaic Generation in Low Voltage Networks for Sustainable Energy Systems

Sponsored by IEEE North Saskatchewan Section

14-Nov-17, One hour

University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada

IEEE North Saskatchewan section organized a one hour research talk in university of Saskatchewan on November 14, 2017. The talk was attended by post-graduate students and some post-doctoral fellows. It was focused on the issues of increasing penetration of photovoltaic generation in low voltage networks. It also covered the role of battery energy storage system in mitigating these issues.



PV Generation and Battery Energy Storage for Remote Communities in India and Canada

Award winners' meet

28-Nov-17, Twenty minutes

India Habitat Center, New Delhi, India

Update on the project entitled ‘Sustainable energy systems with photovoltaic generation and energy storage solution for remote communities in India and Canada'.

The project was funded by Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI) and was carried out at University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada.



Modeling, Analysis and Optimization with Distributed Generation

Training Program for research scholars

December 3-4, 2016, Two days

SVNIT, Surat, India

The exhaustive two-days sessions were delivered at SVNIT, Surat as a part of a short term training program for faculty members and graduate students. Title for day-1 was: Distribution Networks and PVDGs: Modeling and Analysis.

Contents included Detailed  phase-domain modeling of distribution networks with distribution transformers  voltage regulators and photovoltaic arrays along with a hands-on coding of Forward-Backward sweep power flow algorithm. Day-2 contents included introduction and demonstration of the software - GridLAB-D.


Invited Talks


Distributed Generation and Energy Storage for Sustainable Energy Systems

Newton-Bhabha India-UK advanced training school (IUATS)

9-Nov-16, Ninety minutes

IIT Gandhinagar India

Newton-Bhabha India-UK advanced training school (IUATS) was organized on "Optimal design and control of Smart community: New ideas for off-grid communities" during November 7-17, 2016. It was aimed at providing a unique opportunity to Indian-based and UK-based post-doctoral and early career (holding a PhD) researchers for sharing research expertise and networking with a focus on promoting international collaboration. I delivered a 90 minutes session on November 9, 2016.


Invited Talks


Applications of Battery Energy Storage Systems

Expert Talk

8-Sep-16, Two hours

Nirma University, Ahmedabad, India

The talk was aimed at disseminating knowledge about recent developments in BESS applications to the graduate students of Nirma University.

The overall content was divided in two parts. First part discussed the new applications of grid-connected BESS in micro grids and active distribution networks. Whereas  the second part discussed about using GridLAB-D in evaluating the impact of grid-connected BESS. Prezi shown along side is for the second part of this talk.


Technology Enablers in Democratising Power Grid

Training Program for faculty members

11-Feb-16, One day

Silver Oak Group of Institutes, Ahmedabad, India

Silver oak group of institutes organized its first state level three day symposium (Feb 10-12, 2016) named 'Samvaad' for faculty members of engineering institutes and PhD aspirants.

This talk was delivered in two sessions - 90 minutes each - on Feb 11, 2016 with first session introducing the ongoing research on renewables and energy storage systems. Second session was more of a demonstration and overview of implementation with MatLAB and VB code. Visual content of first session is available for reference here.



Dispersed Generation in Distribution Networks

Expert Talk

4-Jun-15, One hour

L E College, Morbi, India

As a part of TEQIP initiative, expert talks was arranged at  L E College, Morbi, Gujarat on June 4-5, 2015. The talk was intended for faculty members across the disciplines and graduate students (pursuing Masters at L E College, Morbi).

The talk was focused more on presenting the breadth of research work in this happening area rather than depth of any particular research on any of the topics. Considering the audience’ interest new exciting developments in renewable energy sources and its integration were also covered. The prezi shown alongside contains overview of the contents delivered.



What is Literature Survey?

Workshop on Research Methodology

19-Nov-14, One hour

IIT Gandhinagar India

As a part of TEQUIP initiative at IIT Gandhinagar, a workshop on 'Research Methodology' was arranged for faculty members of engineering institutes from Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madya Pradesh.

A one and half an hour session was conducted for around 30 faculty members. The talk was entitled 'What is Literature Survey'. Details of the 5 day workshop are available here. The talk was focused more on interaction and discussion on problems and issues faced in conducting literature survey by academic researchers. However,  a brief visual content is available here to view. It may take a while to load.



Reading... Why Not?

Workshop on ?Why and How of Reading?

21-Aug-14, One hour

IIT Gandhinagar India

As a part of Life Skills Program at IIT Gandhinagar, a workshop on 'Why and How of Reading' was arranged by coordinator Shri C S Sharma. A one hour session was conducted by me in a 90 minutes workshop. Primer to the talk  which was circulated in advance among all students with announcement is available here.

The visual content of the session was prepared in Prezi and can be reached from the panel on right or clicking the link below.



Active Distribution Networks and Microgrids

Training Program for faculty members

30-Jun-14, Two hours

Nirma University, Ahmedabad, India

Delivered a 2-hour session at a Short Term Training Program (ISTE approved STTP) for the faculty members of engineering institutes. The session was titled as ?Control and Dispatch of Real and Reactive Power in Active Distribution Networks and Microgrids?. Animated contents of this talk can be viewed here. Details of STTP and program schedule are available here. The visual content of the talk was prepared in Prezi and can be seen in the panel on right.


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