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Published in ‘Current Science’, March 10, 2014 issue

Soon after publication of this review article, a senior faculty member from IIT Gandhinagar asked, “When did you start writing? It is a very well written review!”. Oh, I faced such a question for the first time! I said, “Umm... I should rather tell you when I started reading. I’m fortunate to have been with Shri Suresh Parikh who goaded me to read this book (Ishmael) four years back and then persuaded me to write about it. But as such the story began almost couple of decades back when he introduced me to the first book - Art of loving (by Erich Fromm). I feel I’ve read numerous books by only being with him whereas the fact remains that I read too little, too slow!”

It is my pleasure to note that ‘Current Science’ - the fortnightly research journal (listed on Web of Science) which has published this article, normally accepts solicited book reviews within about 1500 words; however, my unsolicited review considerably exceeding the stipulated limit was accepted - may be as an exception - including the citations to web resources at the end. Current Science is growing in terms of recognition at international level which is apparent from the following quote:

What is important for the present article is that we treat Current Science, an Indian journal, as an international journal that is recognizable worldwide. Suffice it to look at numbers: in 2000–2005, 4622 articles (of any type) were published by the journal, of which 3885 (84%) were affiliated to an Indian institution (including co-authorships with foreign partners). These 4622 articles had 22,508 citations in the Web of Science, of which 11,638 (52%) were in papers not affiliated with any Indian institution. Thus, while most of the journal authors are from India, slightly more than half of those who cite Current Science are from abroad.

From: “Indian economics and Indian scholarly publishing: is there room for Current Science?”, By Marcin Kozak, Olesia Iefremova, Mateusz Stopa and James Hartley, Current Science, Vol. 106, No. 5, March 10, 2014, pages 681-684

I’m much pleased and proud to be associated with the institution (IIT Gandhinagar) where every effort towards overall professional development gets due accolades and recognition. I’m grateful for the generous compliments I received. Few of these can be found scrolling on right side.   

Book review article on Ishmael published in a fortnightly

research journal

Current Science,

Vol. 106, No. 05, Pages 755-757

Available online at this link

Click here to read my review on ‘Ishmael’ in ‘Current Science’. Brief review is also available on GoodReads.




received on the book review article

Very happy to know that your review article is accepted and published in a reputed science journal.

Many many congratulations.

Jayendra Vyas


Electrotherm India Ltd.

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