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Is it not that the more we say ‘No’ to our optional activities, the more we tend to be responsible (or may be more attentive also) to rest of our acts?

Can we find time to set aside all our occupations for a while and decide as to what is optional among all the ‘taken for granted’ mandatory things? Do we have calms to realize that almost everything we do without looking back could all be ‘not so important’ in many ways except the only one way we considered?

While populating the ‘to-do’ list ever enthusiastically everyday, what we set apart as optional is our own living! Other way round, if things that we do do not make our everyday life enjoyable, harmonious and blissful for us and also for people around, then is it not the time to reconsider our own choices, beliefs and self-image?

Fortunately, I kept myself away from doing many things (activities) I really didn’t love. Be it academic, professional or personal, I could avoid doing things I didn’t enjoy. In a way, I started growing with my choices made - of course, these choices were made instinctively or intuitively. Lately, I like to believe my choices have started becoming more ‘rational’ and sometimes miserable as well!

In the early years after graduation, I was mostly involved in programming activities. It took around four years to overcome the fascination and charm of programming world. It also showed me the limitations and the other side of the otherwise alluring world of computing. After post-graduation, leaving the tempting option of lucrative prospects of the corporate world, deliberately I continued teaching with host of group activities and far more learning on personal level. Here are some glimpses of activities I got involved in.

A friendly flexible group of like minded people used to meet once a month to review a book. The forum called …

Book Lovers’ Forum

A week long workshop on MATLAB & Simulink for undergraduate students was organized which lasted for more…

MATLAB Workshop

‘A complete software solution for Registration under Multi Point Entry & Credit System(MPECS)’ as it was …

Registration Program

User interface for the course of Power System Analysis at IIT Delhi was designed for the masters …


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As with everyone else, I also happened to have undergone phases of development and hopefully that journey has continued. I have come to realize that variety of activities in addition to formal class-room education are not only necessary but essential to one’s overall development. Here is a self-cooked story to further explain this point… Click here. (Will pop-up a new window with a png image file)