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The activities that I mention under ‘Individual effort’ are those in which contribution from others to the idea and its implementation is very much limited. Mostly these are the activities which were opposed and objected by many people working with me at the time. Interestingly, this objection was only in the earlier phase, as the time elapsed, either people got too much occupied by themselves or they lost interest in opposing my meaningless laborious activities.

What I gained from these acts is questionable for others. Personally, I did what I loved doing most. It is easy to note that almost all the activities are related to computer programming and I have to admit that I was fascinated by computer’s ability to get things done. I explored the possibilities for about 4 to 5 years. I believe that this interest and labor has made me computer literate to some extent and somewhat sharpened my analytical thinking. It also helped me think objectively, gave me opportunity to listen to music for hours at a stretch, again and again.

The only achievement during this phase with computers is my ability to get the computer work for me while I’m doing something else. It did happen with applications like registration program, MatLab user interface and some others not included here. Follow the links  to find out more!

While teaching the undergraduate courses of ‘Electrical Network Analysis’ and …

MATLAB in teaching

Laboratory manual for ‘programming in C’ was prepared purely out of interest in the programming …

Programming in C

Slide8.TIF Slide6.TIF

‘A complete software solution for Registration under Multi Point Entry & Credit System(MPECS)’ as it was …

Registration Program


User interface for the course of Power System Analysis at IIT Delhi was designed for the masters …


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Individual efforts

What I think I did