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By the time I finished my post-graduation at IIT Delhi, my fascination with computers had converted into a balanced and cautioned view. I used it to a greater extent during my post-graduation.

My tenure at G H Patel College of Engineering & Technology, Vallabh Vidyanagar (Gujarat, India) is full of activities which were more of a kind of group activities. In some of them, I had a limited role to play whereas in others I was either a coordinator or organizer. My role in SRTEE-2010 was limited to Publication activities, on the other hand, in SPE-VVN chapter, I could initiate new activities and trends as a secretary. SCEED gave me opportunity to work with students, mentor and encourage them for different responsibilities and celebrate their success and failures.

Book Lovers Forum was promoted by Shri Suresh Parikh to inculcate reading and thinking habits in people in general and students and teachers in particular. I worked as a secretary of the informal group for couple of years and learned dealing with people, organizing talks and doing it against all odds. My role here was quite limited but the experience I had is invaluable. I think I still promote reading  informally to people around me.

The activity from which I learned most is the Discussion Group with students. I talked to them while challenging my own thoughts and that helped me become rational, objective, expressive and transparent.  

A week long workshop on MATLAB & Simulink for undergraduate students was organized which lasted for…

MATLAB Workshop

A friendly flexible group of like minded people used to meet once a month to review a book. The forum called …

Book Lovers’ Forum

Society of Power Engineers (India) Vallabh Vidyanagar Chapter was inaugurated on March 5, 2010 …

SRTEE 2010 - Presentation CD

A study circle of students and interested faculty members was formed with an intent to promote…

SCEED - A Study Circle

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